My Experience of KWoC 2020.

I am a prefinal year student and I have worked in 2 projects under KWoC that are:

  1. Leet-Code
  2. KnowledgeShare.

Leet-Code is a project which aims to make a nice database of various leetcode problems .I contributed to various solutions of leetcode problems in this project in C++ programming language.

KnowledgeShare is a website where users can add resources and share with others that are related to education, Placements and others . I solved various issues that were listed by the mentor of the project such as creating dark mode, enhancing UI using CSS, adding various resources about web development ,interview prep, showing pop up before clearing list etc.

KWoC program helped me to gain knowledge about open source programming and helped me to grow my skills as a contributor in open source projects. I was in constant touch with the mentors of both the projects and asked them my doubts related to various issues of their respective projects.

Overall it was a good experience in this program because it is beginner friendly. Anyone can participate because there is no restriction related to year or branch and mentors are very helpful when you face any issue .Also the mentioned projects in this program are of various difficulty level ranging from easy to difficult so that anyone can choose any project according to their convenience.